El anuncio JOHN DEERE Tractor John Deere 5400 with front loader - 98 tractor de ruedas en venta por subasta se ha vendido y no está incluido en la búsqueda.
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JOHN DEERE Tractor John Deere 5400 with front loader - 98 tractor de ruedas
Modelo Tractor John Deere 5400 with front loader - 98
Tipo tractor de ruedas
Año de fabricación 1998
Primera matriculación 1998-11-13
Ubicación Suecia Gothenburg
Fecha de publicación jul 28, 2022
Agriline ID AE29995
Subasta 1
Fecha de ejecución 2022-08-03 08:35
Cargador frontal montado
Potencia 70.7 Hp (51.97 kW)
Combustible diésel
Cajas de cambios
Tipo manual
Ejes 2
Estado usados
Información adicional
First time in traffic: 981118
Tax Weight: 2950 kg
Poor brake effect - parking brake. Front loader bucket lock out of action The clutch pedal picks up high. The speedometer not working. The fuel gauge not working. 3-point bracket worn / off. Difficult to shift. Unsafe four-wheel drive
Machine in need of service/maintenance. Oil moisture in the engine
transmission and hydraulic system. The brakes brake a bit poorly. Hydraulic oil level is low. Oil leak quick connectors / mounts (minor) Oil leak transmission (minor) Starter battery bad (does not charge). Electrical systems / cables damaged / scraped etc.. Various lighting out of order
Sloped worn tires. More scratches and dents than normal. Traces of former stickers. Windshield wipers are out of order. Interior marks
stains and loose / broken interior details. Missing left door lock. Noise from ventilation fan. Rear center top link is missing. Horn loose. Right door lacks gas spring
left bad pressure in. Bad wiper blade. CD-player/stereo is inoperative
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